Thursday, June 25, 2009

A bit about the title...

So, my blog is titled Notes from a Texas Treehouse.  Do I really live in a treehouse?  No, but my apartment is one with so much whimsy that I sometimes feel like a character in a fairy tale!  
I call it my treehouse because it is a finished attic apartment with windows on every side, each with a view of leaves and branches.  I feel like I am perched in the treetops.  Sometimes, when I wake up to birds chirping, I like to imagine that I am in the middle of a forest, instead of Fort Worth!
I love this little apartment, built in 1930.  My favorite thing about it (besides its aforementioned loftiness) is the built-in bookshelves.  What is your favorite thing about your abode?


  1. Hey - that sounds too wonderful!
    I live in a townhome built in 1975 also my bedroom is sort of up in the trees .. although maybe not as perfect as yours sounds. I love watching the goings on in the tree limbs. The downside .. cockroach season - huge tree flying kinds that crash into the windows & give me the willys.

  2. Thanks for your comments, MsR! Yipes, I have heard horror stories about those huge Houston cockroaches!

  3. i too reside in a treehouse...a first floor one, believe it or not...My comfy little 1977 condo is completely surrounded by inner-city Houston woods that used to be a boy scout cool is that! I turn off the busy street and become total enveloped in trees with birds, dozens of adorable squirrels and the most beautiful ivory-billed woodpecker that I have been able to see in the tops of 60 ft pines!

    Except for an occasional siren on a cloud-filled night, I hear no traffic!!

  4. I'll have to start with my neighbor: everyone should live nextdoor to a little old British lady! As for my house itself, I love that it is just the right size for two (and a dumb cat), I love the reading couch in my bedroom, and I love my lemon tree!

  5. Oh, of course! Who wouldn't love Ms. Hazel?! She is the cutest thing ever!