Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Orchid

Recently, my boyfriend asked me, "You like that kind of stuff, huh- plants and stuff?" I guess I do. I think orchids are especially interesting, because they look so elegant and delicate, but are not that hard to take care of (in my limited experience, anyway).

This morning I went to the Fort Worth Orchid Society's orchid sale, held at the Fort Worth Botanic gardens. There were so many gorgeous, amazing orchids! Some had huge, bright blossoms. Others had tiny, delicate flowers. Some didn't have any blossoms at all- a great purchase for a patient person!

I got exactly what I came for. With the help of an older lady with painted-on eyebrows, I located Maxillaria tenuifolia: the "coconut cream pie orchid." She parted its leaves so I could lean in to take a whiff of its two tiny flowers. YUM! Tropical deliciousness.

I took it home, admiring its shiny leaves and robust pseudopods (whose function I'm still not exactly clear on). I did a bit of research, and went to find some potting supplies. As I write this, it is happily (I hope) perched on my dresser, near a south-facing window. Take a look!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An Observation on Timing

Sometimes things don't seem to be changing. Day in, day out, they look the same.

But then, in a single day, a lot happens.

Seeing my orchid bloom today reminded me of how impatient we humans can be, and how God has His own timing. However much we try to rush, procrastinate, or prolong things, they will never fail to occur exactly when they are meant to. Lord, help me to be at peace with that fact!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So here are a few sites I've been infatuated with recently, which I highly recommend:

How to Be a Retronaut: Daring voyages into the past via rare photos and video clips. Check out the lovely but haunting Detroit in Ruins.

Sharenator: Pics, Ask, Video... User rankings go up and down based on points they receive on their comments and posts. It seems to be run mostly by nerdy teenage boys who like video games and anime, but it's still fun and funny.

Gives Me Hope: A self-described "FML for optimists," it's sure to brighten your day.

Happy clicking!

Lost & Found

I lost my job yesterday. Quite honestly, I wasn't that surprised it happened, nor was I too heartbroken. The hardest part, I knew, would be that in-between-jobs uncertainty. The challenges would be trusting God, and filling the days to come, so that I wasn't too bored or cabin-feverish.

Yesterday evening, I headed over to my neighborhood Chipotle to grab dinner before a meeting at church. The guy behind me, as I did, had ordered a bowl, to go. The cashier looked up. "Are these together?" He asked. "Nah," I said, "Lost my job today, so I'm not feeling very generous." It was true, but I didn't mean anything by it.

Before I knew what happened, the guy behind me had paid for my dinner! I was so floored, I couldn't even formulate a response, save for getting teary-eyed and thanking him profusely.

I got into my car, still dazed. I felt like God had [lovingly] smacked me and said, "See? You can trust me with this. I will provide for you and take care of you in ways you can't even imagine." That guy was an angel. A bespectacled, Asian angel who likes chicken burrito bowls.