Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Orchid

Recently, my boyfriend asked me, "You like that kind of stuff, huh- plants and stuff?" I guess I do. I think orchids are especially interesting, because they look so elegant and delicate, but are not that hard to take care of (in my limited experience, anyway).

This morning I went to the Fort Worth Orchid Society's orchid sale, held at the Fort Worth Botanic gardens. There were so many gorgeous, amazing orchids! Some had huge, bright blossoms. Others had tiny, delicate flowers. Some didn't have any blossoms at all- a great purchase for a patient person!

I got exactly what I came for. With the help of an older lady with painted-on eyebrows, I located Maxillaria tenuifolia: the "coconut cream pie orchid." She parted its leaves so I could lean in to take a whiff of its two tiny flowers. YUM! Tropical deliciousness.

I took it home, admiring its shiny leaves and robust pseudopods (whose function I'm still not exactly clear on). I did a bit of research, and went to find some potting supplies. As I write this, it is happily (I hope) perched on my dresser, near a south-facing window. Take a look!


  1. It is nice to see the newest member of your family! Lovely! Too bad I can't get a whiff!

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