Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another Song

...That makes me wish I directed music videos.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Weird Dreams

I have them almost every night. Sometimes I remember the whole dream, sometimes just a snippet, and most commonly, I am left with just a vague feeling.

Last night, however, was a great one. I was a college-age girl in the 1950's. I was going to get my teeth whitened. However, I was hesitant about this because a) the hygenists were all busy, and they assigned me the sketchy mad-scientist-ish lab tech guy instead, and b) I was aware that 1950's technology was not so hot. I snuck out, only to have my unemployed husband (played by some guy I've never seen before) tell me that he'll just make money from my sorority to support us. I was angry and confused. The end.

What's a weird dream you had recently?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Ghost of Avocado Past

...On my cutting board.

This is a temple? Yup!

Last night for me was an evening of too many fun-sized bags of chips (and cheese slices, and tiny bowls of cereal...), then reluctant sleep, punctuated with Benadryl-popping, weird dreams, and nose-blowing. I awoke wondering how on earth my body is supposedly a "temple of the Holy Spirit" made to glorify God (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). I thought: This thing? Really? This cellulite-ridden, hypoglycemic, panic-attack prone bag of bones? This is "fearfully and wonderfully made"(Psalm 139)?

I glanced out the window, trying to shake off the shame of yet another night's snack session (read:binge). Below were three little birds, enjoying a splashy bath in a puddle. Immediately I thought of Matthew 6:25-27. It made me feel loved, and comforted. However, I still couldn't see how my body, with all its shortcomings and flaws, was a temple for God's Holy Spirit. Not to mention that God bought my body at a price, and therefore I should glorify Him with it.

I spent some time this afternoon reading Scripture, along with Elyse Fitzpatrick's Love to Eat Hate to Eat (both of which I highly recommend). I thank God for the understanding I was able to glean:
  • God bought me (including my body) at a price=He gave His Son so that I'd have eternal life
  • He blessed me with this body, but it does not belong to me (see above bullet)
  • Even the Apostle Paul struggled against sin and his own body (Romans 7:14-25, 1 Cor. 9:27)
  • I have a responsibility to keep it as healthy as I can (this is how I glorify Him with it)
  • I can be thankful for, and make use of, its flaws as opportunities to help those with similar issues (further glorifying God, hence this post)
So there you have it. I hope that, if there is someone needing to read this, they do, and that it helps them somehow.

Monday, December 21, 2009

D'you Ever Hear a Song...

...And instantly visualize how you'd direct the video for it? That happened to me yesterday, when I heard this crazy gem on Sirius. I would go with: post-apocalyptic pep rally. Enjoy! Be advised: it is loud, and the "bad" quality is intentional.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Skinny Jeans

A while back, I finally bought my first pair of skinny jeans (see "wintry joys" list). Yes, they were from Banana Republic, but a) theirs were the only kind that provided adequate bum coverage (I'm long-waisted), and b) I had a 40% off coupon, ok?!?!

Anywho, I determinedly bought the size 8 pair. They were a bit snug. No problem, I thought. I'll just stretch 'em out by wearing them for a while. Sure, the tag says to wash them before wearing, but what do they know? I put them in with last weekend's laundry. Since then, they've been folded patiently in my dresser, waiting me to work up the courage to try them on again. What if they shrank? What if I expanded?

I put them on this evening to wear to Bible study. They fit better than they did pre-wash! WOW! Since they feel so comfy and trendy, I now have a dilemma on my hands: Fridays, the teachers at my school can wear jeans. Do I go with my tried-and-true faded bootcuts, or pretty much blend in with my students by donning the skinny jeans, a black polo, and my Converse? I mean, I know teachers are supposed to dress professionally, as a way to garner at least an iota of respect from students. But it's jeans day! And what will students respect more: cool new jeans, or 15-year old stonewashed Jordaches (this is an exaggeration of the old teacher jeans I spied last Friday)? I guess I'll decide tomorrow morning.

PS: Pic is from BR's website.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let's Go for the Hat Trick

This has been a weird 90 minutes or so.

FIRST: I discovered 2 tracks on my iPod that were actually voicemails from homeowners/tenants to an A/C service place of some sort. I have no idea how they got there. I am so tempted to call the numbers they left. One is local, an 817 area code. The other is 979, which Wikipedia says follows the Brazos River from south of Waco to the Gulf Coast.

SECOND: A friend posted this lil' gem, which I love.

FINALLY: I have this song stuck in my head, so I thought I'd share. Not too strange, but the most bizarre-yet-catchy thing I've heard in a while.

Yeesh. I think it's time to go to bed.

Party Pics!

Last Thursday was the "Staff Holiday Party" at Jesse's workplace. The best part was the photo booth! It offered instant prints, as well as online viewing/ordering. There were also an assortment of hats, boas, and other accessories to try on. Here are 3 of my favorites of us:
One for the ol' scrapbook...if I had a scrapbook!

What's a photo booth without a smooch pic?!

And, lookin' sassy with a feather boa and yachtsman's cap.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hey, Cakeballs!*

Consider your butt KICKED.

*Cakeballs are an oddly-named but delicious pastry.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Readjusting to working full-time has been challenging. This past week seemed both long and short. My workdays were long, but the precious hours before and after them were all too fleeting.

Waking up to my 7:00 alarm is tough. I stumble out of bed, getting ready in a fog. I try to reenact my morning routine from my last full-time job, but I have trouble thinking. What will I wear? I stare into my open closet, waiting for an idea. Behind me, shoes, scarves, jackets, workout clothes, and other articles are strewn about the treehouse. I am only grateful that I can sip my coffee en route to school and into the morning.

The students I help are funny, goofy, typical middle schoolers. They tell me I look nice, cute, and ask if I know Spanish. I respond, "Si, un poquito. Por que?" They blush and tell me, "Nevermind!" The teachers I work with are all different, but all great. Seeing them in action has given me tons of ideas for when I get my own classroom.

After work, there are errands to be run, exercise to be done, food to be cooked and eaten, and sleep. I battle traffic and my own sloth to get to the gym. I opt for easier meals, knowing that the space between dinner and drowsiness has narrowed since I began this job.

All this considered, I cannot imagine if I were just starting out as a "real" teacher. I thank God that I have this transition job, where the likes of lesson planning and paper grading are not required of me! And yes, I know that I will get used to it. ;)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thrift Art

Last Saturday was Chris Blay's 9th Annual Thrift Art Show and Auction! He buys art all year at thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets. He then presents them in a gallery, complete with fictional titles and back stories, for an auction where bids begin at 50 cents.

About 30 people were in attendance, bundled in coats and scarves at the drafty warehouse. The larger room was where we first sat to watch a short video: an interview with the "collector" that was clever and funny. The gallery was a cute, smaller room adorned with industrial lighting, brushed stainless steel tables, and rusty remnants of heavy machinery in the corners.

I clutched my hot cocoa as I mingled and admired the artwork. Some memorable pieces included:
  • A portrait of a man wearing a cowboy hat, featuring a garish yellow and black background, and the phrase, "Aaaah Jeff!" painted in one corner
  • A painting of a wide-eyed puppy in the back pocket of blue jeans
  • A matador on black velvet
  • A pair of portraits with Modigliani-esque facial features. The man was wearing a pinstripe suit. The woman, nothing.

For $13, I took home this lovely rendering of a vase of flowers. The signature reads, "Cisarik '66." However, it was accompanied by a card that read:

Boquet[sic] for Your Thoughts: Through the use of groundbreaking technology, x-rays reveal an underpainting of three popular breakfast cereals from the early 70's. Experts believe the original artwork was done by the artist Ad Reinhardt.

This is such a great concept, and a very fun event. Accumulating "bad" art, giving it a new, if fabricated, context, and presenting it as such does wonders for changing a viewer's perspective. (I discovered this when I raised my hand to bid on a much-larger-than-life painting of a scorpion!?) I am definitely marking my calendar for next year's auction!