Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thing #8: RSS Feeds and Readers

Yeah...I'm pretty sure this RSS thing is frickin' GENIUS!  I slightly knew what it was before the likes of L2P, but I shied away from it, thinking it would just stuff my email with unwanted news stories or something.  But no!  You view all your favorite websites in a reader!  It's convenient, consolidated, current, and...not your email inbox!

I discovered an interesting blog, The Art of Teaching Science.  I love that Google Reader has a search tool, so that you can discover anything that piques your interest!  That's definitely a handy feature.  If you could find the right feed, you could probably stay current on a certain topic, too,  (e.g. if your class was studying plate tectonics, you could keep them up on all the earthquakes that've been happening around Cleburne)!


  1. how about hot linking the blog so we can click and go...a great feature of blog posts and key to the 2.0 world

    go into you post...highlight the words you want to feature, click on the littl chain icon on the blog post tool bar and paste the url. Be sure you republish you post!