Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thing #19

I stopped in the midst of a free trial language lesson (Portuguese for English-speakers) to write this entry. It is online, at Mango Languages. SO FUN!!! This site is listed on the 2008 Web 2.0 Awards under the education category.

I think Mango would be a great tool for schools. Its front page touts that, through libraries, ML is available to 30 million residents in the US and Canada. I love learning languages. I think it is absolutely essential for surviving in a global economy and community!

As I am going through my lesson, I can repeat slides as often as I like. I see the parts of a sentence broken down, pronounced, and translated literally. I am quizzed on the whole sentence, as well as individual words. Rolling the mouse over words shows you pronunciation hints. And, repetition, repetition, repetition! It's a fantastic application. I wouldn't go so far as to say that it should be the entirety of a foreign language course, but certainly a useful tool for learning and practice. My trial lesson has 3 tabs: the lesson, a vocabulary review, and a phrasebook review! Try it and tell me what you think.


  1. Thank you for the tip about Mango languages. I have a German brother-in-law and bilingual nieces and nephews. It will be fun to check that out to help my kids and me learn some German.

  2. I think I'll check out mango. I don't think it was on last year's list or perhaps it has just benn too long.