Monday, August 10, 2009

Thing #22

Ning! This Thing is about Ning. A Ning Thing! I used Ning last summer, as my mom was doing L2P. She created a Ning for our family, "Family Files." We could post events and activities, share photos and video, and write blogs. I recall describing it as "like Facebook or Myspace, without all the shady people."

The idea of using a Ning for a specific topic (besides family, that is) was new to me. I explored the Future of Education Ning for a bit. It seems like an excellent venue for the exchange of ideas related to, well, the future of education! This Ning features a podcast interview series, discussion forums (fora?)

I think it would be cool for all the faculty and staff in a school (or maybe a district, depending upon the size) to be in a Ning together. They could have individual profiles, important dates on a single calendar, and memos could be posted school- or district-wide quickly. I guess the only drawback would be getting personnel into the habit of checking it regularly. Hmmm...

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