Monday, November 30, 2009

Dilemma: Sudden Influx of Feathers in My Nest

From dog- and house-sitting gigs, a generous insurance settlement, substitute teaching, and a soon-to-begin full-time job, I am faced with an increase in my available funds.

This is great, and a relief. I am very thankful.

However, I am scared to spend it. My budget seems sort of up-in-the-air, as there are one-time sources of income, and possibly one-time, or long-term, expenses.
  • Do I need to get internet for my apartment? Yes. But which data speed? Should I spring for the zippy one, or even bundle it with cable? (I maintain that I don't have cable to keep my TV viewing to a minimum, but it might be nice to watch some of the shows I hear so much about...)
  • What about Christmas gifts? The combination of having funds and the approaching holiday makes me want to shower my loved ones in presents! I want to be generous and charitable with that which I now have, but, remembering how little I recently had makes me cautious.
  • I am in the mood to indulge myself in things, from the essential (new undies) to the frivolous (manicure and pedicure). Where do I draw the line?
  • How much of it should I save? I was saving for a trip to Europe when I got laid off last December. I was able to make it last a surprisingly long time.
I can hear my parents' individual financial philosophies at odds in my mind. My mom: no luxuries! Modify your budget, and stick to it! My dad: Don't go crazy, but enjoy what you have! I guess I will pray for wisdom.

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