Friday, February 5, 2010

Chatted Up

This week was a good one at school. However, the kids in my classes are getting more comfortable with my being there. In fact, they all want to know about me. They ask questions, compliment my wardrobe choices, make attempts to flirt. It is a frustrating problem, because my gut reactions are to blush, answer their questions, thank them, etc. But I'm not there for that. I'm there to help them learn.

However, I know that the brain is more receptive to learning when it feels it's in a physically and emotionally safe environment. I want the kids to feel that. Where, and how, do I draw the line between, "Miss, I like your shoes!" and, "Miss, do you ever go to the club?"


  1. I would say if you ever do get a comment that makes you feel uncomfortable, to go ahead and tell them "I am happy to discuss some things with you, but this particular item is part of my personal life that I am not going to share right now." I don't know if it would work. Hope things get better!

  2. They call you "miss" ohhh i used to hate when kids in high school used to call teachers that, i think its sooo disrespectful lol. But than again i am a prude. Im sorry your students are making you feel uncomfortable. In time you will learn all the ropes and all the right answers for certain questions ha. Good Luck Hun :)

    btw cute layout! i think im having trouble with layouts and what not. mine doesnt flow as smoothly as yours, layout wise. poo :(

  3. Say "thanks, now about the water cycle...." It is hard to turn down a compliment. Just redirect them while you have their attention! Keep up the good work.