Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nest Debut

Friday night was the opening of a group art exhibit in which I participated. My sweetie curated, organized, hung, and labeled all the artwork. The gallery, part of the historic Rose Marine Theater, looked fantastic.

Five selections from my nest series got to make their debut! I was touched by how lovingly they were installed, perching on eggshell-white wedges at various heights. My heart was warmed by the great turnout, which included friends, family, and even my boss! I felt validated by another artist asking about them, and then offering his impression of my nests, which was spot-on.

And if you're in Fort Worth and would like to see them in person (along with some additional great art) the show will be up through September 16! Without further ado, here are some photos of me and my nests.

From left: Nest No. 1: Fiesta, Nest No. 2: Five a Day

Nest No. 3: Blue Lines

Nest No. 5: Lemon-Berry-Choco Perches

Nest No. 6: Cradle

Me and my nests!


  1. So glad to see you posted! The nest photos are nice. You look glamorous as well. I was so glad it was so well attended and it was fun to see you two in your element.

  2. aww everything was sooo beautiful my mom and i had a great time! my mom even asked next time they have one of these let me know, it was soo much fun! haha oh mom. anyway you looked like a barbie and im glad you invited me job well done :)