Saturday, September 4, 2010


Whew! This week has really helped me relate to all those people I hear saying, "There just aren't enough hours in the day!"

Work has been busy, in a good way. Last month, I moved 6 loads. This week I've already done 5! I love all the little details that go into doing my job. I enjoy my boss and my co-workers so much. I love talking to the customers, the dispatchers, even the truckers! Yesterday I had a customer- a crusty Noo Yawker, no less- tell me "You did a good job" with a difficult load he had to move. I also had a trucker tell me to "put a gold star by [my] name" for giving him directions to a location. Everything happened according to plan. I even made enough in gross profit to earn a tiny commission, for the first time ever!

After work, it's exercise, dinner, a never-ending supply of dirty dishes, and a to-do list lacking the satisfaction of having everything crossed off. I try to make progress on a painting for my brother. I get out my stationery, determined to answer a letter from a sweet friend. I open my Bible, to prepare for my small group meeting this week. But- but- it's so late! And the morning comes so quickly. Dirty workout clothes litter my floor, tangled with my heels worn to work. My trash is full, so I smush it down to try to fit in just one more little thing....

And then the weekend arrives. I celebrate by making a frozen pizza and watching one of my favorite DVDs, Eagle vs. Shark. This morning, I ran 4 miles. Along the way, I found a cool old wooden crate someone had put out for the garbage! I washed my car, and filled up the gas tank. I cleaned my apartment. I did a little shopping. And tonight I'll get to hang out with a new friend! Tomorrow will be a day for laundry, family, church, and games. As for Labor Day, I don't know what I'll do...but I will definitely appreciate the extra day off to relax.

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  1. The balance in life! The cycle in life! It is so nice when it works so smoothly. It gives us hope during bumpy times. Proud of you.