Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend Blessings

It's Saturday at 1:15, and my weekend is already fantastic. A few reasons why...
  • I had a fun, delicious dinner with my sweetie last night.
  • I ran 4.1 miles this morning- especially great because the crazy, gusty wind kept me from barely being able to do 3 during this past week!
  • I went to buy a couple things from a certain beauty supply store, coupon in hand. The cashier told me, "This coupon doesn't start 'til tomorrow." She tried it anyway, and it worked!
  • One of the things I bought totally works- I'm pretty impressed!
  • I stopped at a sandwich shop to get some lunch. The cashier, feeling generous and/or flirty, filled up my punch card, letting me have my sandwich on the house. He even gave me a new card with two punches on it!
  • As I write this, my iPod is on its dock, on shuffle. And the random tunes it's selecting are just perfect for the afternoon.

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