Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thing #11

Thing #11 was to create a profile on LibraryThing, add at least 5 books, and play around with it.

I would say that it'd be a great tool for a book club to use, but, again, wouldn't it be more fun to sit around and sip coffee and eat pastries and talk about a book?  I guess I am more in favor of the "analog" in this area.

However, LibraryThing does have a lot of other great capabilities!  For example, I can look up other members who have my book, and see what else is in their library.  If I see an interesting title, I can click on it, see its average rating, and read some reviews of it!  A handy tool, no doubt, for those pesky volumes you're just not quite sure would be good buys.  Sure, you might not know the reviewers, but with Library Thing, you can quickly discover people with very similar tastes and interests.

I am trying to add my LT widget to my blog, but I can't get it just right.  Regardless of the number of columns I make it, the edge keeps getting cut off.  Any pointers?


  1. sometimes you can manipulate the code....of ten there is a part that gives the length and width ....if you can find that in the code lessen the width number and see if it makes any works sometimes for me with other widgets. Also there is a little check box sometimes labeled "fit to screen"..if that is available, check it.
    different widgets offer different means to adapting the size and some offer none!

    love your visual!

  2. I remember the same problem and how it irritated my visual-spatial sensibilities! This may sound crazy (or perhaps obsessive-compulsive), but I saw other people's widgets from Shelfari and prefered their appearance, so I used it instead. What is one more userid/password in the big scheme of things?

  3. I changed my LibraryThing widget to "narrow" somewhere on the LibraryThing widget editor, and that solved the problem. Mine is 2 X 2. My blog is Hummingbird Library, if you want to see it for yourself. I also remember seeing the "fit to screen" option VWB mentioned above somewhere on LibraryThing. I have the "edge being cut off" problem with a graphic I made on imagechef, and then added to my blog. Don't have any idea how to fix that :(.