Monday, July 13, 2009

Thing #10

At long last!  I finally got around to doing Thing #10, which involves discovering online image generators.  Soooo fun!!!

The first tool I used was one with which I was already familiar.  Last summer, when my mom was doing L2P, she would send me-almost daily- comics she had made with the Comic Strip Generator.  I was eager to try my hand at this myself!  I can't think of a classroom use for this one that is anything but pure silliness.  Here's my creation:

After that, I wanted to return to the Trading Card Maker.  I had an idea for how this could be used in class: students could each research an endangered species, create a card, and do a presentation about it (including distribution of cards to classmates).  Then they'd all have a deck of endangered animals!  I could then assess their learning with a quiz over all the animals, and also throw in a few self-assessment questions (e.g. "After seeing your classmates' cards, what would you do differently next time?  What are you most proud of?" etc.)  Here's my example:

Hmmm, in thinking more about said quiz, I decided that I should aim a bit higher on the ol' Bloom's Taxonomy scale with regard to the questions I ask.  Maybe things like, "Which animals would be most affected by [x environmental factor]?" Or, "List 3 ways you can help endangered species in your everyday life."


  1. Or you could have the kids analyze their cards and categorize the animals based on whatever common characteristics they observe. For example, one student might organize by biome: birds of the rainforest, birds from the tundra, coastal birds, etc. Then, after categorizing their cards, they could chart or graph each of the biomes, including the animals and the hazards to their existence. Finally, they could form some sort of conclusion based on their findings. Beginning with the gathering of information for their own card and continuing all the way through the process would hit about every level of Bloom's.

  2. Wowwww! Thanks Laura! Those are awesome ideas!

  3. awww. I love the Einstein photo! :)

  4. I am back among the living, slightly. Yikes, you are starting to sound like a teacher! Only one question, "was Miss McMath a typo?" I was sure you meant Mrs. McMath I agree that image makers are the greatest fun. Why not venture away from animal science and jump into to Earth with constructive and destructive forces? Different objects in space? Cycles? You know me life science just isn't my fav. I am so glad to see your comment wall so well observed. Shannon included, of course.