Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thing #9

So, this task had me exploring useful library blogs and news feeds.  

I must say, the article we were first instructed to read, which appears on the Cool Cat Teacher Blog, was very inspiring!  It encourages us to form a "Circle of the Wise" in the online world, from which to glean encouragement, wisdom, etc.  (Whoa, "from which to glean"?  I must be feeling poetic or something.)
Anywho, I gave a couple of search tools a whirl.  

As recommended, I checked out the list of EduBlog's Award winners.  I love how tangential the internet lets me be!  Within seconds, I was watching a girl perform some kind of cultural dance at an intermediate school in New Zealand! 

Syndic8 confused me.  I was overwhelmed looking at all the stuff right on the front page (5 new this, 5 random that, 5 most popular this, etc.)

I then tried Technorati, running a search for "lithography."  I was intrigued that the results included not only blog posts, but related video clips as well!  Swoon!  I found this great demo of the beautifully laborious process that is lithography.


  1. The video clip looks like the lithography lab at TCU! I remember using Technorati. I looked for mudslide resources as I recall. What is Lil Bear? Have fun at the sale! We'll have fun at Winstar!

  2. I also found the CoolCatTeacher site fascinating. This "thing" ended up taking me a couple of days. Every time I found a site to complete the assigned task I would get sidetracked by other really cool sites. My newest favorite is There are tons of cool things to visit there and lots of resources I plan on using like