Wednesday, August 12, 2009

FUNemployment Project #1,000,000: Headbands!

The job search is not going so hot. I am getting discouraged. In attempt to distract myself/boost my spirits, I made these feathery headbands yesterday. The supplies were uber-cheap. (Dollar Tree, anyone?) There's a brown one...

And a black one!

Here they are together.

Ta-da! What are your summer projects???


  1. The headbands are really cute, your so creative. But the model is very beautiful. Who is she? Do not be discouraged, something will come up. My Summer project is starting a new painting, the subject is a gorgeous young lady.

  2. How can my response beat that? As you know I have no summer project and that is quite strange. Perhaps I can consider my beach jewelry to be a summer project although I couldn't have done it alone. I love your feathery bands but why didn't you wear one today? As for the job, it will come. Maybe when you least expect it.

  3. I thought you were going to keep blogging. What happened? I set up a family only face book page. Why don't you?

  4. Those headbands are very cool. Sorry the job search isn't going well. Thanks for the kind words about my cousin. Sometimes life is just crummy and overwhelming.