Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Car Review: Dodge Charger

Since aforementioned accident, I have been tooling around town in 2 different cars. The first belonged to the couple I house-sat for. When they returned, I got a rental, courtesy of the other girl (in the accident)'s insurance company. Since my beloved Fraulein Blitzen Weiss will be ready to come home today or tomorrow, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the experience of driving said rental, a Dodge Charger. (Pic above is from the interwebs, not me.) Here are some of its features, scored by yours truly:

-20: Squatty design: This is a wide, long car, but it's short. Overall it looks like it was stepped on by a giant. The windows seem short. The roof seems like it is creeping down over the windshield. I had to lean forward to see traffic lights often.
-20: Things in weird places: The controls for windshield wipers, turn signal, and brights are all on one stick, which is placed far too low. I made many a turn still swiping the air in attempts to find my blinker. In addition, the knobs for stereo volume and A/C are the same size, and one is right above the other. I tried to jam out, only to be blasted with air, more than once!
-10: Thin, hard, plastic steering wheel was not comfy.
-10: It sometimes had a hard time going when stopped at an incline.
-5: I occasionally heard the tires squealing when making turns that weren't even sharp or fast.
+5: Like Blitzen, the key, lock, and unlock buttons are all together in one piece; no separate "clicker"
+20: Also like Blitzen, it's equipped with Sirius!
+10: You have to stomp on the gas, but it'll really move if you want it to.
+5: Big (3.5 L) engine makes a nice growl when you do so!
+50: Made me appreciate my own little car even more.


  1. Hey! you forgot to give the final score. I had to do the math myself. I was worried until I saw the +50. Priceless!

  2. Yeah, I refrained from giving it a final score, as the last item (+50) made all the negatives worthwhile. But overall as a car I'd say C-.