Saturday, October 3, 2009


Cute and clever hints abound in this MSN article, 50 All-Time New Uses for Old Things. My favorite would have to be the first tip, if only for the typically girly reason, "It's just so pretty!" I also like the showercap-as-shoe-holder...'cause who actually uses a showercap? Which tip do you plan to use?


  1. I like reusing the address label. At the church pie bake 2 different women stuck them to their pie plates. Great way to get back your plates. I also liked the foil on the door knob for painting! I myself wrap wet brushes and rollers in store bags if I'm going to use them again in a day or 2. I thought the picnic condiments in the bottle toter was a cute idea!

  2. I learned that I was a squiggle in a training that I took years ago in the Joshua High School cafetaria. I believe it had something to do with the 4 brain quadrants, style of learners... Being of the editting/detail nature I doubt you are a full squiggle though I do remember that the areas can overlap. Maybe you are part squiggle, inheritted from your mom's side. Sort of like a schnauxscund! LOL

  3. Although I enjoyed the novel thinking that went into each and every of the 50 uses, didn't a few of them remind you of Grandpa?

    Case in point, the plastic bag cover for a wet paintbrush: just yesterday, Grandpa showed me his collection of empty cereal bags, great for wrapping and storing hard to cover items like the remaining half of a Red Baron pizza that we shared for lunch. And the pancake batter in the catsup squeeze bottle? That has DDD (The Triple Threat) written all over it.

    And I swear that Grandma Norma pioneered the napkin holder-bill organizer years ago. Ask your mom for verification, but I believe it was a lovely green and orange plastic deal with some kind of design - a reindeer, maybe - cut into the sides. I can see phone bills, electricity bills, and a book of stamps sandwiched between its plastic walls.

    Ingenuity or a vestige of Depression-Era economics? A little of both, probably...

    I can't read my hastily scrawled notes (yes, I did make a list while looking at the slideshow), but there were a couple of ideas that I loved: the lifesaver candle holder - precious, practical, and flavorful all at once, and the bingo tablecloth! Wow: doesn't it make you want to have a party and spike the punch just to see what kind of wild rumpus might follow??

  4. YES! Those ARE G-Pa-esque! I think this is a time, like the Depression era, when we are not ashamed to be thrifty, frugal, and "green." (G-Pa is just lucky that his way of living has come back into fashion after all these years!)

    And, again, YES! Who wouldn't like a little wild rumpus?

    PS- Did your Red Baron happen to taste a smidge like corn flakes? ;)