Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gallery Night, In Retrospect

Jesse, lookin' swank next to his epic Cortes the Killer.

Yours truly, in a fun new dress, next to my photo Red Flag.

Well friends, Fort Worth Fall Gallery Night has come and gone. WHOOSH! All that preparation and list-making and errand running, for a brief night of getting dressed up, schmoozing, and having fun. I really enjoyed it. My sincerest thanks to Jesse for giving me the opportunity to show my art "for reals." It was great to meet his friends, and their friends, and their friends... Thanks to my family and friends who made it out despite the icky weather!

I am pleased to say that my lemon cakeballs were a hit, disappearing quickly from the plate. The margarita machine was a crowd-pleaser, as well as Jesse's queso.

Around 10:45, I left briefly to check on the pups I am dog-sitting this week. I was waiting at a red light, minding my own business, when WHAM! I was rear-ended by a Chevy Avalanche. Keeping in mind that I drive a VW GTI, I bet you can guess who won that battle! Jesse was on the scene in no time, holding my hand and telling me I'd be ok. He was an angel. (Thank you sweetness!) My neck felt like a rubber band that had been stretched to capacity! I opted to go for X-rays, but not in the ambulance. HUGE thanks to Ricardo and Stacey for helping Jesse and I. They were truly a blessing, as is the fact that I am ok!

Aww, what a good-looking couple! ;)


  1. very nice, and congrats on being a "real" artist.

  2. What beautiful pictures! I'm glad to hear that Gallery Night was a success, but so sad to hear about your little car! I think we might have to get you a big ole', gas guzzlin', pollution spewing Suburban to keep you safe on the treacherous Fort Worth roads. Or you could move here to Houston where things are nice and safe!
    Love you!

  3. The photos are wonderful and almost capture your radiance. Gallery Night will surely be one to remember in the book of your life evolution. Now the big question: What next? Can't wait to see!