Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mad Props for Mad Pops!!!

Well, since aforementioned car accident (see "Gallery Night, in Retrospect" posting), I have seen my Chiropractor, Dr. Kathi Maher, twice this week.

On Monday, I was sitting in her waiting room, realizing just how stiff my neck had gotten. I could hardly look up to the ceiling. Turning my head to either side required a conscious effort. She brought me in and examined me.

"Do you have any problems with your hips?" She asked. I told her that, yes, sometimes they were stiff and hurt for no reason. She put a finger on each bone. "Here's the top of this one, here's the other. They're way off." I looked down to see her fingers, which were anything but in line with each other. She had me lay face-down on the table, and wedged foam blocks under each of my hips. After a few minutes, she instructed me to walk around the office. WOW! I could already tell a difference!

After that, her massage therapist worked on my neck for a bit. She also used something called a S.C.E.N.A.R., which I was skeptical of, but it really seemed to relax my neck and shoulders.

Another walk-around break followed, and then it was time for the big adjustment. Dr. Kathi had me lay (lie?) face-up on the table. She held my head in her hands, gently turning it from side to side. "Breathe in, " she instructed. "And out..." I expected a big twist, but no, not yet. "Wiggle your toes." BBBBRRRAATTT! She popped my neck like a bendy straw! It was so loud and long that I gasped aloud! We laughed. Wow! When she did the other side, it wasn't nearly as dramatic.

I walked out of her office feeling like a new woman! I just want to recommend her to anyone reading this. She treats a host of problems, not just neck and back. Her clinic is Health by Hands, located in Arlington.


  1. She would have to go on my long list of unaffordable luxuries. Again just priorities at work. I'll pay for tennis or even a McDouble and coffee on my way to tennis but paying for a neck crackin' just seems like a luxury I can't afford(unless I were in extreme pain and then I'm sure I might sing a different tune) Dad just informed me that McDonalds buy 3 billion pounds of potatoes each year. Talk about a fry problem! I'm glad you are able to have this therapy after your accident. Next week at this time we'll have a rehabilitated car and Becky, too. I enjoy your writing.

  2. Yup, Mickey D's is the largest purchaser of potatoes in the country, if not the world...and most of them are grown by Simplott. Tell Dad he can borrow my copy of Fast Food Nation if he wants to, haha!

    No kidding, I am so glad insurance (mine and the girl at fault's) is paying for Dr. Kathi!

  3. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I love the photo.