Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Morning Jam

This morning, I spilled my oatmeal, and nearly dropped the sugar bowl. I blurted out, "C'mon, butterfingers!" And that brought to mind this song, by Bomb the Bass, ft. Fujiya & Miyagi (whom I love). Plus the video is pretty cute. Enjoy!


  1. Hey there! Sorry to be lax in my reading: surely I could have browsed your posts while recovering from SWINE FLU! That's right - swine flu, N1H1, the plague, whatever you want to call it - but I've had it. Seriously, the sickest I've ever been as an adult... now I understand why the flu was once called the bone-breaking illness!

    I lost two weeks of my life to the various stages of progression: first, a nasty gastrointestinal episode (which, by the way, will permanently eliminate any food consumed at a tailgate party from my life's menu); second, a lovely high fever - headache combo (at which point I realized that something more than a stomach bug was afoot); third, intense body aches and painful skin resulting in an inability to sleep and/or find any solace; fourth and finally, a lovely upper respiratory infection marked by a sore throat and nasty cough.

    Fortunately, I was blessed by the attentions of a lovely sick-nurse and a cat happy to nap with anyone under any circumstances, frequent calls from the sisters and the father (Duane, that is, not the Big One), and Hazel Smith's jello-yogurt surprise.

    I did manage to read a couple of books while otherwise incapacitated: The Help (Pretty Good), Gilead (Fantastic!) and The Elegance of the Hedgehog (Annoying at first but rewarding in the end).

    What didn't I do? Leave the house for 5 days in a row, eat anything but soup (sorry Hazel, but Joe loved the treats!), check my e-mail, do anything that required effort beyond the turn of a page or the click of a finger, play computer scrabble - not even one little game, or check your blog!

    I've missed so many great posts and fear that I'll never be able to respond to all of them; however, several have piqued my curiosity and simply beg for a response, so I'll try to get caught up...

    By the way, I bought you a tiny little present today, so I'll get Joe to ship it off tomorrrow. Look for it soon!

    Much love, as always!

  2. ps - Corn Nuts??? Are you just begging for a migraine? Worse yet, the stigma of chronic halitosis? I thought I taught you better...sigh...

  3. My poor little auntie! Mom told me about your illness when I visited her yesterday afternoon. A sickness so severe it inhibits even computer I would be miserable. ;) I am glad to hear that you have recovered and had both a lovely nurse and a napping companion.

    Yippee! I can't wait! There's nothing better than a tiny present, except a tiny present arriving via post!

    I can't explain the Corn Nuts. It was a hankering. (They were Ranch flavored, no less!) It harkened back to my middle school days, when my snack of choice was Corn Nuts and a cream soda. Yech!

  4. I think you are both corn nuts! Remember, no powdered flavoring allowed. Never. Furthermore, Rebecca I had no idea that you ever drank cream soda. How did I miss that? Are you keeping other secrets? I hope so! Mom

  5. Oh yes. I saw that DQ ha a pumpkin pie blizzard!

  6. No powdered flavoring? Well, that eliminates your beloved Cheetos, then! Let's see, in middle school I was also a fan of the deep-fried burrito at lunchtime, which you could dip into "cheese" (which quickly turned Saran-Wrappy on top as it cooled)!

    I've seen the DQ Pumpkin Pie Blizzard, too, but have yet to try it. Hey! That gives me an idea for my next blog post!

    On that note, it's time for me to go for my run. :)