Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin-Flavored Frozen Treat Review

Well friends, it is that perfect time of year here in Texas: you know that fall is around the corner, but it is still warm enough to enjoy a cool confection. So what is the best thing to do in such a situation? Get yourself a pumpkin-flavored frozen treat, that's what! I have sampled some from my neighborhood, and reviewed them below, for your convenience.

1st Place:
What: Single-dip of pumpkin ice cream
Where: Braum's
How much: $1.35
Why: The price alone wins major points with this unemployed treehouse-dweller, not to mention that the single dip is the perfect size! The ice cream is a lovely, pale orange hue. However, it has a tiny touch of gritty-ness that is not quite ignorable. Whether that is to bring to mind nutmeg, cinnamon, or even pumpkin texture, I don't know. That's the only drawback to this affordable, petite treat.

2nd Place:
What: Regular pumpkin pie shake
How much: ~$2.70
Why: This was the first pumpkin-flavored ice cream product I had ever had. A few years ago, my mom and I, feeling adventurous, ordered one to share. We had no idea we were in for such a cool, creamy, pumpkin-y delight! It really is delicious. The only flaw here is the big size. With only regular and large to choose from, you'd better have a companion nearby who wants to split it with you.

3rd Place:
What: Kid's size pumpkin frozen custard
How much: ~$2.90
Why: I am a big fan of Curly's. Really, I am. It is just down the street from me, and they feature a different flavor every month! However, it is pretty pricey, and the super-rich frozen custard melts quickly. Again, the kid's size is perfect for me. They even top it with a sprinkle of cinnamon-sugar!

Honorable Mention:
What: Small pumpkin pie Blizzard
How Much: $2.70
Why: I just got one this evening, feeling I needed to give it a whirl. Granted, I never understood what the big deal about Blizzards was, anyway. They are just cups of soft-serve, with stuff mixed in. But, I decided to go for it. The ice cream was the best part. The alleged pumpkin pie flavor went undetected by my taste buds. It tasted overall like vanilla-plus-something-else-but-I-can't-tell-what. The pieces of pie crust were eerily crispy for having been submerged in ice cream.


  1. aiyee! it's the squirrel-eating pumpkin!

  2. Well, it's not a confection, but have you ever tried the pumpkin cream cheese from Einstein's bagels? Yum! It is so good that no bagel is needed: a simple spoon and unobstructed path to the lips is all that is really necessary.

    I'm not a fan of all things pumpkin; in fact, I tread with caution where pumpkin is concerned. Your comments about the grit factor accurately addresses one pumpkin pitfall, and then there is another problem with pureeed pumpkin products: overuse of cloves -- an overclove! Gag!

    However, I do love canned pumpkin pie mix and would gladly drink it straight from the can! A smoothie -- or better named, a gritty!

  3. YES! Their pumpkin cream cheese is heavenly. And I agree: no bagel even needed there! (Although I do enjoy my once-a-week "bagel day" breakfast... Oh geez I am an old person aren't I??)

    "Overclove," BTW, is going into my mental cache of made-up words I love. It'll get along nicely with "crapliment," one my mom synthesized to describe a back-handed, sarcastic, or otherwise insincere compliment! I agree about the risk of the overclove. I am reminded of an evening at a diner when a gaggle of hipster kids at the next table were smoking clove cigarettes. It smelled like a Christmas ham in there. Blargh!

    I could NOT drink that stuff straight from the can *shivers*. Out of a freshly-baked pumpkin shell, however...

  4. Oh I just love all the pumpkin talk. Is that Gay's squirrel and pumpkin? I haven't had a pumpkin treat yet but I will soon. I bet I'd love them all! Maybe even the crunchy bits!