Thursday, October 22, 2009

Art Project: Nests

So for the past couple years, I have been finding/receiving/swiping/otherwise accumulating little bits of prettiness. They are strips of ribbon and trim, hunks of interesting paper, and even colorful twist-ties.

Recently the idea occurred to me that, as I scavenged them much like a bird would, and live in a treehouse, I could also construct them into nests. I wanted to make them into something that would show others the beauty I saw in these materials.

The nest idea also brings to mind safety, comfort, and refuge. The act of creating them is an outlet for me, itself a refuge from anxiety. And I am making them at a time when my own nest is "threatened"- by my unemployment.

I am planning to take this idea a step further, and photograph the nests in contexts that exemplify the various avenues of my [unnecessary] worry. But, for now, I am happy that I finished constructing two of them last night. Behold, for your viewing pleasure: Nest #1: Fiesta, and Nest #2: 5 a Day.

PS- These are much more colorful in real life. Uploading the photo made it look washed out for some reason.


  1. I love your little nests. I like the idea of photographing them! Which one is day and which is Fiesta? I can't wait to see further creations.

  2. Oh yes, I noticed no new autumn joys this week. You can add to the list- self confidence enough not to ask stupid questions! Now that is a joy!

  3. Thanks for your comment! I don't feel buoyant, yet! I'm hoping that the energy of a new week will energize me back to health!

  4. Maima- thank you! The red one is Fiesta, the green one is 5 a Day.

  5. Thank you Shannon! There are more nests to come, along with an idea that came from a dream I had the other night!