Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Movie Review: Coco Avant Chanel

It is a gorgeous rainy morning out, the kind that makes me want to curl up with the biography of Coco Chanel that I got from the library yesterday. My choice of reading material was inspired by my recent viewing of the film Coco Avant Chanel (Coco Before Chanel). I wanted to get more of the details of her life, and see how accurate the movie was.

The film is, as you can probably deduce, a biography of Coco Chanel before she became famous. As a woman raised in an orphanage, who later founded a fashion empire, she truly was self-made. It was fascinating to see her beginnings in fashion as a milliner. She had an eye for style that was truly ahead of her time. The film is full of beautiful clothing and hats, especially the final runway montage.

The always-charming Audrey Tautou did an amazing job as Mlle. Chanel. Tautou's sweet smile makes rare appearances as the steely, determined Coco, but I was too intrigued to mind much.

The film is in French with English subtitles. I love that. It irritates me when movies set in other countries just have actors speaking English with accents. So lame!

See this movie! It is beautiful, intriguing, and inspiring- just like Coco.
(Plus, who wouldn't love to look this killer in their early 50's? And this is pre-Botox and -Photoshop!)

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  1. First impression-long eyebrows! I heard positive review of the show this summer. I doubt that I'll watch with those subtitles. I just don't like reading movies. I'm bourgiose! Sorry to the frenh about the spelling.