Sunday, October 4, 2009


... From this weekend felt like they were out of a sitcom of the Seinfeld-ish variety. I suppose that is the height of couple-Narcissism, isn't it? Thinking the inane banter you have with your significant other is potential TV show material? Oh well. I will refrain from trying to reconstruct them here, but I will tell you that they touched on a number of topics, such as:
  • Do potatoes have a season (a la squash or tomatoes), or are they grown year-round?
  • Would a magnet, hurled upward at just the right angle, stick to Jesse's tin-stamped ceiling?
  • The armadillo is not the Texas state reptile, nor is it a reptile at all... but it is scaly!

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  1. I am sure that each of us are guilty of such nonsensical banter. Dad and I are always having some crazy conversation. In addition to the talk is the competition while watching Cash Cab. He was shocked to find out that I would turn down the opportunity to play Cash Cab on TV. But just remember I know nuthin' about nuthin'. Dad said everybody already knows that and if asked I should play anyway!!