Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I got my Blitzen back, Blitzen back, Blitzen back!

HOORAY! I just returned from picking up Fraulein Blitzen Weiss at Caliber Collision.

My thanks to Enterprise, for providing me with a rental these 3 weeks. My applause, however, goes to the guys at Caliber, including T.C., my service advisor. They did an amazing, thorough job! She looks so gorgeous!

I am overjoyed at having my car back. Every control and instrument in the proper place, the fun of getting to shift and rev and coast, her plaid seat cradling my frame as if it were made just for me....sigh. I sure was happy to see her. Was the feeling mutual? Just check out that smile.


  1. I love the car smile. I too often see faces in different car parts. One even looks like a hippo!

  2. Glad to see she's back. Nice car smile, though I doubt it can match the smile I have when I think of you.