Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I am amazed at how decrepit I feel, only a week away from my 27th birthday. My hips ache, my ankle is tender, my shoulders are tired... It's like my body has a rock in its shoe that it can't shake out. All this considered, I am taking the week off from working out. No, not totally, but I will trade in my runs, spin class, and weights for walking and yoga.

This is somewhat frustrating to me, as I love exercise that makes me feel productive, grow stronger, and work up a good sweat. I love doing push-ups. I love intensity that flushes my cheeks pink and makes me gasp for breath. I love the end of a run or class, when I am happily exhausted, knowing I've given it my all.

However, I know that this time is important. I'll be able to heal and rejuvenate. I'll be able to start running again next week, just in time to kick butt in the Turkey Trot.

What makes you feel old? What is something beneficial that you don't quite enjoy?

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  1. I too love my workouts. Often I think I'll just go on Saturday for an hour but just can't so I stay for two. It is funny how exertion is rejuvenating in itself. Things that make me feel old? Seeing myself on podcast!!!! Seeing myself in someone else that too looks or seems old. Beneficial that I don't enjoy? Hmmm? Cooked spinach? Nothing is jumping to mind so I'll ponder that one!