Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nest #4: Escape Hatches

I finished another nest this morning. I was just playing around with it, and it started to take shape. It ended up being sort of cornucopia-shaped... just in time for Thanksgiving! I titled it Escape Hatches because of the row of open spaces along the length of the nest. Then, being the punny girl that I am, I realized that the word "hatch" has many meanings when paired with "escape":

  • Hatching from an egg can be a sort of escape
  • A plot could be hatched to make an escape
  • An escape could be made through a hatch

Here are 2 views of the nest, which is made from the dry-cleaner twist ties that were scattered on the floor of my dad's closet.


  1. I think the horn of plenty nest is great. The pepperment stripes lend toward the Christmas season around the corner too. Maybe your nests should adorn your tree.

  2. Oh snap! Nests do belong in trees! I would love to see how they all look perched in my 2-foot high artificial tree. What a bizarre holiday! I finished another this morning, but have yet to photograph it for the ol' blog.