Friday, November 13, 2009

Nest #5:Lemon-Berry, Choco-Perches

I recently finished another nest, of construction paper and cardboard scavenged from various desk drawers of part-time jobs. The title is flavor-related because I think the color combination just looks delicious together. The pink (berry) and yellow (lemon) pieces were straight and linear, and so lent themselves easily to a rectangular shape. After I assembled them, I thought that the nest needed some organic shape to it, something more soft and comfortable. Hence the brown (chocolate) "perches" in one corner. This was the trickiest part of the nest, as the cardboard was pretty hefty and hard to curl, even when wet. But, I took it little by little, and am very pleased with the result.

Here is the nest with a close view of the perches:
A peek underneath the nest:
And the nest from above:


  1. I love the lemon -berry choco perches! Good enough to eat. I also like the underneath view. Very tidy with signs of quality craftsmanship, a quality that I value in many things. I rugged edges on the choco perches visible in the close up almost give it the look of hide. All in all a very impressive nest indeed. Where is Shannon? What is her opinion of the nests?

  2. I think she's super busy with school! Her goal is to have 3 mixed-genre manuscripts by graduation. I know she loved the first 2! :)