Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You don't know what you got 'til it's gone!

My downstairs neighbor has moved to Oregon... and has taken her internet with her.  (Apparently it was hers that I've been using all this time!)  I lost my connection last night. Yes, I realize that my, as a friend said, "doin' a drive-by on her wi-fi," has moral and/or legal issues.  However, I am more interested in just how much I'd taken it for granted.  

Numerous email checks, peeks at the TV listings or my bank balance, inspections of the weather forecast, and making the rounds of school district websites to find job openings... I used the internet for everything!  All the time!

Have you had a similar realization recently, with the internet or anything/anyone else?  I can't wait to read your responses... from my local Borders.

PS: Thank you to Jesse, on whose computer I wrote this. ;)

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  1. Occasionally I find myself without access at home or even work and it is eye opening. I often email myself important documents or lab recording sheets to work from home and then get panicky that I might not be able to get to it at work for some reason or another. I get up in the morning and paper print it just in case. Just not 100% confident in technology. I'm shocked to see the world series on your joy list!