Sunday, January 31, 2010

Assorted Thoughts

I don't really have the time or desire or even need to write a whole post about one topic. It's getting near Nyquil & sleep time. Here are some things that've been occupying my thoughts during this past week:

In one day of driving, I was flipped off by one lady, and then graciously surrendered a sweet parking spot at Target by another lady. You never know who's driving next to you!

I signed up to do the Cowtown 10K. I was initially pumped about it. However, I inexplicably injured my ankle last week. It's better now, but now I'm facing another round of this allergy/cold mashup. My eagerly-made training schedule has been derailed again, and I worry I won't be ready for the run.

Last week was a great week at school. Yes, I had a student tell me that the chunk of glass in my ring looked like crystal meth. Yes, I had another student tell me to shut up. But, I got to teach a lesson, assist with a lab, and give a test.

I did my taxes! I can't wait to get my refund! As much as I want to spend it on silly things, I should probably save it because...

I've only got 3 months left on Blitzen's lease. Chances are, I'll need some cash for a down payment on another car. I don't want to lease again, I'd rather buy. I want something that's more "grown-up," without being boring. And that has Sirius.


  1. Invest in a neti pot. It's worthwhile!

  2. They didn't have them at Tar-jay, so I had to improvise for today, lol! It felt pretty good afterward!

  3. Okay miss pretty, I'm picturing you with a giant red bulbous nose and purplish eyelids! Perhaps you are not meant to do an orgaized run maybe you are just more of a Pheobee runner-just for the joy of running! Braid your hair pippy style put on unmatching knee highs and earmuffs and away you go!!! Oh and what ever you do do NOT buy a $35 sport bra with an ipod pocket!