Monday, January 18, 2010

We're Running Barefoot, You and I

This evening, I was sitting at a stoplight on my way home. I was staring at the truck in front of me. I was admiring the tread pattern in its tires, and how it tessellated. What song should then start on my radio, but Tessellate, by Tokyo Police Club! Was it coincidence, quantum physics, God, or all three? Enjoy.


  1. All three, for sure!!! He looks like a boy who would know about tesselations! I'd like you to create a broken heart tesselation!!!!Gay needed you to do a St. Patty's Day Calligraphy for her. Text her!

  2. Well I better bust out my nibs and ink and get practicin' now! ;)
    And the broken-heart tessellation sounds like a great idea for an art project.

  3. I assume you must be calligripracticing because you have no new post. Busy girl! Thanks again for lilly's