Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Assorted Thoughts, Vol. 2

This edition of Assorted Thoughts includes photo illustrations, pulled from my friend Google Image!

Not even seeing an obese lady on a scooter (as I did on my drive home) could make me rethink skipping the gym today. My shoulders are sore, my legs are tired, and my feet hurt. So there.

I thought that Crocs were the most hideous shoes ever created. However, that was before I saw a lady in my gym wearing these fugly things. Apparently they are related to the "barefoot running" fad.

Have you ever sent an email agreeing to do something, and then immediately thought, "Oh, crap! Why did I do that?" That was my reaction to volunteering to host Bible study group at my house this week. Now I feel the need to clean. And bake.

The following are things that make me feel special and happy: receiving a letter from someone while they are out of the country, fresh flowers, yummy homemade breakfast.

Middle schoolers are kooky. I should know this firsthand, having been a very awkward one myself. I had a huuuge, slow (mentally), very moody African-American male student try to pick a fight with a small, equally slow Hispanic girl today. Did I ever think that was an okay way to go about life? I've never even been in a fight. The class period before, I had a painfully shy/quiet girl come in sporting hospital bracelets. I asked her teacher about it, but she didn't know anything. I guess she didn't want to ask, afraid of the explanation??

However, I had a handful of students ask me randomly throughout the day, "Miss, how's your day going?" I couldn't honestly answer anything but, "awesome." I am alive, healthy, loved, and employed.

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  1. Thought 1: Who really thinks that everyone have the same length and shape toes? They look hot and creepy! 2: Your body gives messages to keep your homostasis balanced so yes take the day off. 3. I wish many times I could take back my words but honestly the intial gut reaction is still the best! How was your small group? 4. Special? HMMM? Being noticed, included and celebrated by friends. Attention is good for me. 5. Yes! That age group is hard to explain although I'm learning to take an observation mode with my 10, 11, 12, and espeically 13 year old students. They are a study! So desperate!

    6. When you think about it even on the worst day we have many blessings...like a 2 minute hot shower. Millions in the world have never experineced that.