Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A question for other teachers

I am writing this while taking ANOTHER day off of school.
I feel like crap. Again.
I flip back through my iCal, and I can see all the days I've taken off from exercise, because of feeling sickly. I'm averaging a 1-2 day cold every other week/2 weeks or so! This is ridiculous.
I am wondering, is there something seriously wrong with me? I'd normally consider myself a pretty healthy person!
Or, teachers, did this happen to you your first year? Maybe it is being around all the germy kids all day...


  1. My first year teaching I had a lot of strep. Since then not so bad. It does seem that we have had an unusually large number of illnesses at school this year, staff and students. Get well soon.

  2. yes! my first year working with pre-schoolers knocked me off my feet several times.
    my first year in my middle school classroom! yup! down for the count 2-3 times each semester
    and when I moved to the library...it ws rough for couple-three years...moldy books, moldy surroundings and almost 1000 kids coming in and out and carrying the same books that I touched regularly.
    but it wound down after that !
    take extra vitamins, wash your hands a lot and rest as much as you can!

  3. Aha! (Or should I say, "Ticardju!") Thanks for your inputs!
    And mom, that's right, I seem to remember you having strep a lot that year. I hope my immune system catches up quickly!