Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two Songs

From my drive home this afternoon.

I heard this one, and was reminded of how great I thought they sounded on SNL this past weekend. (I was less impressed, however, by the painfully un-funny sketches that seemed to go on far too long.) As for the song's lyrics, I am still trying to work out how a soul can be both "old and rusty, burned beneath the rising sun," AND "locked up like a trophy." Hmm...

This second one, I think, is sweet, poppy, and far too short.


  1. Sweetie McPetey? Hmmm? I like your bilingual headings. Check my blog for my review of the Zombieland

  2. what songs are they??? i cant see em lol you must tell me.

  3. Wha? The first is "Giving up the gun" by Vampire Weekend, the second is "Something good can work" by Two Door Cinema Club.