Sunday, August 1, 2010


I remember reading once that the Orthodox Jewish man begins his day with a prayer that includes thanking God for not having made him a woman. At the time, I felt indignant. Snubbed. However, I can now say that I thank God for His having made me a woman. In fact, there are things I absolutely love about being female.

Before I detail them, I should clear something up. To say something about one's "sex" is biological, i.e. what anatomy you have. To say something about one's "gender" is sociological, i.e. what your culture defines each sex's role to be. I realize that this list is gender-based. Not only that, it's Treehouse-Dweller-based. I don't believe, or expect, these things to be true for all women. They're true of me, and that's all.

Ladies, comment with your favorite things about being female!

10. Blushing from receiving compliments
9. The skillful application of mascara: between the treacherous grounds of poking oneself in the eye and smearing black goo on one's face
8. Teetering about in high heels (yes, I know they are "bad for you," but they do something almost magical for my posture, and therefore, my confidence)
7. Lip gloss
6. Being faced each morning with the decision: "Which perfume will I wear today?"
5. Having doors held open, chairs pulled out, and heavy bags carried- to me, this isn't anti-feminist, it's chivalry
4. Feeling that it's perfectly acceptable for me to coo, swoon, squeal, giggle, and get misty-eyed over silly things
3. The catharsis of a good cry
2. Surprising others with grace and strength under pressure
1. Being zipped into a dress that fits like a glove


  1. Now I'm sure: You really are adopted.
    1. zip zip no
    2. I'll buy that grace and strength thing
    3. Valid for anyone!
    4. Hmmm? Not sure
    5. Only in the case of the big bag of dog food cause I could hurt my back.
    6. Ackkkk! No perfume.
    7. No lipstick or lipgloss
    8. I used to enjoy an occasional high high with a cork or wooden sole. I liked my black high heels from Target that got dog eaten.
    9. I like mascara although I get rings around my eyes o thses hot days.
    10. Blushing? Are you kidding? When was the last time I blushed? Can't remember.

    Things I like about being a girl:
    1. Nice compact internal reproductive organs. Don't blush!
    2. Getting to be a mom, daughter, sister, niece and aunt.
    3. Getting out of lawn work. That would make me a B---- in this heat.
    4. Not having to haul garbage to the street.
    5. Not having anyone expect me to go hunting.
    6. Never having had to be a shot down dating male. How embarassing!
    Well that is all I have for now! And for those of you who don't know me, I'm not gay, masculine, or even lazy as might be implied by this comment!

  2. i agree with

    9. for sure haha
    8. and i have a love hate relationship
    7. RIGHT HERE! i am your lip gloss, chapstick gal
    6. meh i have so many perfumes but i usually go for my fav haha
    5. is nice WHEN it does happen ha
    4. a girl it happens ha
    3. i've had my bridget jones moments hahaha
    2. always
    1. ha if its that snug i wont be wearing it hehehe.

    && now i may post something similar :) which i hope you'll read haha