Thursday, November 11, 2010

...Not so bad!

Yesterday morning, I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted. I was so nervous- not about the pain, but about the anesthesia. I'd never been "put to sleep," before! Jesse graciously came along to be my driver/ hand-holder/ caretaker. Beforehand, a surgical assistant explained post-op instructions, and gave a similar brochure to Jesse, explaining that I "probably wouldn't remember this conversation." She also cautioned him that I may be unstable on my feet afterwards, and would need a watchful eye walking back to the car.

She took my vital signs and hooked me up to a heart monitor. Dr. Scheideman entered, rocking purple scrubs and round tortoise-shell glasses. He put a reassuring hand on my shoulder, and told me I would take a short nap, and then it'd all be over. I barely felt the tiny pediatric needle to start the IV. I heard him say, "I've started the medicine, let's see how that feels." The ceiling began to ripple, and then I was out. Just as suddenly, I was awake again. I wasn't nauseous, dizzy, or in any pain. In fact, my entire mouth was numb. The nurse tied an ice pack around my jaw. They asked if I felt like I could get up. I did, still feeling fine! I walked, unsupported, to the car. I was pleasantly surprised at my own lucidity. (For some reason loopy-ness was one of my fears about this whole thing.)

Jesse, I've got to say, was awesome. He kept an eye on time (time to change gauze, to take more medicine, put the ice pack on/off). He got me anything I needed or wanted. He rubbed my feet! He definitely deserves a gold star.

And I highly recommend Dr. Scheideman and his whole team if you need to have any oral surgery!

So, long story short, this was another experience that I worried about for nothing. Who has two thumbs and is glad she got it over with?

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  1. You were quite a trooper and many thanks to jesse for his devoted care giving!