Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thanks, Ma!

It is great how moms can teach you valuable lessons by not doing or saying what you expect!

On Wednesday or so, my boss decided we should have a potluck lunch this Friday. Last night, I was telling this to my mom. "But," I lamented, "I have no idea what to make!" This was her cue. I held my breath for her to say, "Why don't you come over Thursday evening, and we can make (insert usual crowd-pleasing dish here)?" No such luck. All she offered up was, "Make something you like," along with, "I'm sure you'll think of something great!"

I racked my brain. I scavenged the internet. I knew that I wanted to make something healthy and fresh, as well as some sort of sweet baked good. Finally, I settled on Quinoa Avocado Salad, and Pumpkin Angel Puffs.

When I returned home from Target today, ingredients in hand, it hit me: this might be a lot of work! Had I gotten in over my head? Would my co-workers even appreciate these foods? And, more importantly, were they really worth my buying an $11 bag of quinoa?

I shook off my doubts, turned on my Musica en EspaƱol playlist, and got to work. In no time, it seemed, I was drying the last of the dishes, with my potluck contributions stowed away in the fridge.

I learned the following from my culinary efforts this evening:
-Quinoa doesn't take very long to cook at all
-Wearing an apron makes me feel like a productive chef
-Angel food cake batter= very fluffy
-Things that touch the oven's heating element, including cupcakes, catch on fire
-Homemade whipped cream is not only easy to make, it tastes heavenly

So thanks, Ma! I never would have learned these lessons without, er, with you!
Here's one of my Pumpkin Angel Puffs:

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  1. The pumpin fluff looks great. I can't wait for my sample. I'm glad that my negligence as a mom lead you to great things. That was my intention(actually thursday is for tennis not baking). It really is true, that you don't learn from someone else doing the doing. I hope the treats are well recieved.